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About Us

Our Mission

We are GPFE
(Grandville Parents for Education), invested parents of students at Grandville Public Schools.
We are dedicated to committed parental involvement in our schools. We support quality education, traditional values and preparing our children to be successful community members.

Our Vision

  • Students are guaranteed a safe place to learn without adult content or adult issues.

  • Parental involvement is required.

  • All students and staff are supported by us. We are eager to help our fantastic students and staff.

  • Each student feels supported, respected, and safe, to achieve maximum academic potential.

  • Healthy boundaries are practiced and encouraged.

  • Personal accountability for all students, teachers, staff, and board members is practiced and enforced.

Our Values

  • Common sense.

  • Respect for academic goals.

  • Commitment to keeping our students, teachers, and community focused on quality education for all students.

To our students, to our teachers and to our community, our focus will always be maintaining excellent education for all students and to support all teachers and staff to ensure they know we stand behind them, and will give them a voice when needed.

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Do You Know Where Your Grandville Public School Board Stands?

A Simple Questionnaire Was Sent To Each Board Member


This last week I was made aware of a movement to recall board members.  Since then, I've had a number of conversations regarding this recall.  In all fairness, I know little about where each of you stand on 'hot button' issues and would like to understand your position better.  Life has changed drastically in these last few years and we've all had to adapt.  Our community and our schools were not exempt.  I'd like to be able to enter into informed discussion with fellow Grandville parents about these issues and when I do, in fairness to you, I'd like to communicate each of your positions accurately. 

Would you be so kind as to answer these questions (maybe in red right below the question for ease of comprehension) before the next board meeting on Dec 20?  


***PLEASE KNOW*** - I understand no matter which way you answer you risk the ire of a group who feels differently.  Public service can be thankless.  I'm not looking to create conflict, just accurately portray your point of view.



- Do you think there is benefit to belonging to MASB?

- What would that benefit be?


Covid Matters:

- What is your position on masking?

- What is your position on quarantining?

- I know this has been halted for the time being, but what is your position on mandatory vaccination?


Matters of sexuality: 

- What is your position on explaining the plight of the LGBTQ community to students?

- What is your definition of a family and should the family unit recognized under U.S. Law now be taught in school?

- If you answered yes to the 2nd part of the above question, how should that be taught, at what age, and in what context?

- What is your position on explaining to children their role in choosing gender and how they can discern this?

- What is your position on implementing a gender neutral bathroom policy in Grandville?

- A Recent petition has been posted on to effectuate a change in Grandville's bathroom policy.  What is your position on encouraging students to use a bathroom that best fits the gender in which they identify?

- What topics should the school cover when teaching sex education?

- What is your position on teaching children about birth control and at what age?

- What is your position on teaching children about abortion and at what age?

- What is your position on teaching children about masturbation and at what age?


Matters of Race:

- What is your position on teaching about the toxicity of White Supremacy

- What is your position on teaching about White Privilege.

- Does White Privilege exist?

- If White Privilege exists, how should we address this in our school system?

- How would you approach teaching children about racism?

- Are there any policies you'd like to see implemented that would make Grandville schools less racist?


School Property use:

- Do you support displaying LGBTQ flags on school property?

- Do you support using school property for LGBTQ or Transgender student  groups/clubs

- Do you support Displaying BLM Flags on school property?

- Do you support using school property for advertising and holding Christian student group meetings

- Do you support using school property for advertising and holding Muslim student group meetings

- Do you support using school property for advertising and holding Jewish student group meetings

- Do you support using school property for advertising and holding Athiest student group meetings

- Do you support the display of symbols typically affiliated with any religion in schools?


Your vision:

You obviously feel strongly enough about Grandville Schools to donate your time on the board.  I'm looking for what you feel your role is and how you'd like to mold the education of our children.

- As a board member, what topics are important to you, and how would you like to see the board support your view on these topics?  

         **Please don't forget to include your point of view on topics of importance.  ex: I feel strongly LGBTQ equality needs to be addressed in the school system and here's a program that would achieve that end.

- What would you like to change that is in place now?

- What programs/support would you eliminate that are currently in place?



I look forward to your replies.

Thank you for your service!

The Board Responds
Simple Questions

Meet Your School Board And
View Their Responses To The Above Letter

Open Letters To The
Grandville Public Schools Community:

Letters To The Community

In recent weeks I have been asked several times why a group of parents has initiated a recall on three members of the Grandville School Board.  That question is difficult to answer, not because there are not good reasons, but because the reasons are as varied as the people who hold them.  Unlike Forest Hills and Lowell, our group has no leader.  It is truly grassroots. A year ago we were strangers to each other, but we met when walked into a school board meeting and tried to express what we felt was going wrong in our school system.  


Because I have no right to speak for anyone else in the group, I will speak for myself.  I have children in both the elementary and the middle school.  Last year healthy children were sent home from school and told that their education would be virtual.  The school had no plan to ensure that a high academic standards would kept in place and school became an unchallenging joke to my kids. That was the early days of the pandemic when the world knew very little about what was coming and I can personally forgive that mistake early on. The problem is that as time has gone on the school system has not learned anything about the ferocity of this virus as it applies to children and has continued to operate the school system as if fear were a virtue. Last November they again shut down the school system, this time without the state requiring them to do so. Even in this school year when we told right up until the last possible minute that our children's lives would be getting back to normal, the Friday before school was about to start they announced that our youngest students could only come back to class if they were willing to wear masks. Through FOIA documents we have learned that they school districts and the ISD lobbied the Health Department to force this on our kids.


A school board is elected to represent the people of the district. Yet some members of this board have shown actual disdain for the parents of the district. The board president has even suggested that she could have us arrested if we dared to applaud a speaker who makes a point with which she disagrees. They have closed meetings and conducted business in private in violation of the open meetings act. Some members have done personal business with the district which benefits themselves financially.


We have learned that EQUITY, not EQUALITY, is an important goal of our school system. Although they seam like they are the nearly the same word the difference in reality couldn't be more stark. Rather than an equal approach where every individual has opportunity to thrive or fail, equity puts students into groups and judges success or failure by how the group preforms. We have been told time and time again that this school doesn't teach Critical Race Theory, but that has apparently not been effectively communicated to the staff. The head Grandville Education Association has pledged that he will continue to teach CRT.


I want a school system that is silent on issues of race and sexuality. I want to know that elementary aged kids wont be assigned books about kids with two dads. Reproductive health can be taught without lessons on sexuality. I want them to go a school where they will not be told that, because of the color of their skin, they are either oppressors or they are oppressed.

An Open Invitation To Come To A School Board Meeting

School board meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm at the school admin building located at 3839 Prairie St SW, Grandville, MI 49418

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